Tampa, FL


“I think GameView is awesome, and it helps us when we’re really busy! With over 20 TVs in our tavern, on a busy Friday or Saturday night it only takes about 2 seconds to change several TVs—as opposed to the 5-10 minutes it took before! We have live music as well, so transitioning the sound system to feature the live music now only takes about 5 seconds. GameView has been a great tool for us.”

Chris Martin
Key Manager

Chicago, il


“We’ve used GameView in our sportsbook and casino operations since August 2019. The ease of this platform combined with the speed that sound and video can be changed has allowed us to provide the best possible customer service for our sports wagering patrons.  Additionally, GameView has also made it much easier to manage employee transitions and training.”

Rob Higgins
Senior VP

Murrells Inlet, SC


“GameView has great functionality and is so intuitive that anyone can pick up the remote and use it with little to no training! It  transformed programming the TVs from a management nightmare to a system that we like to show off to customers.”

Peter Haentjens

nationwide franchisor


“GameView has been awesome! The biggest thing we’ve got back from our guys is how user-friendly it is. You can have the best technology in the world, but if nobody has a clue how to use it, it doesn’t make a difference.”

Brandon Landry

nationwide franchisor


“I wanted to send a note regarding GameView and how pleased  my operators and I are with the system. With the wide array of AV demands we have day to day at WOB, GameView is by far the best solution I’ve worked with to date. The simple, intuitive controls for television management make all the difference on a Saturday or Sunday when every guest “has to have their game on”. I sometimes think back to the days of racing around with a remote to change every TV every time the dining room turned over, and I don’t miss it a bit! Being able to focus on managing my business instead of managing a remote really makes the difference in setting my stores apart as a great place to watch a game. I know it sounds crazy that something as small as changing channels quickly and accurately makes a difference, but in this fast-paced customer-focused world, it’s the small things that make or break you.

Music is one of my greatest passions and integral part of World of Beer. This is where the controller truly shines. The ability to walk the tavern and adjust each audio zone independently while listening from a guest perspective, in my humble opinion, is the only way to manage “the right sound”. The ease of changing inputs between live acts and house music with the tap of a finger keeps the music going and has completely eliminated dead space during change over times. The security feature on the controller also keeps the volume levels where my managers decide, and the aspiring DJ’s locked out. I can’t recall the last time I had to ask “who the hell blasted the music”.

The cost savings in energy management shouldn’t go without mention either. The programmable on, off, and last call times have been great. Pennies make dollars and reducing the daily spend on electrical usage is just another plus of the GameView system.”

Jimmy Powell
Managing Partner

nationwide franchisor


“GameView has been a ‘GameChanger’ for my management team. It seamlessly connects all of our TV, video, audio and monitoring needs in one simple app. Gone are the days of changing your TV sets with a remote, finding the remote or keeping track of channels. We have over 30 TVs that can simultaneously be changed or programmed with a few clicks of a button. The music feature allows for many different inputs to be adjusted at once and the volume levels are extremely accurate allowing for us to set our baseline and adjust according to business volume. I brag about GameView to all of my friends and they are so jealous!”

Kris Maronpot & Scott Paul
Franchise Owner & Managing Partners